PSCS Qualification

I am often contacted by persons enquiring about the "PSCS Qualification" and hope that this article will help demystify the role and training of the PSCS.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction Regulations) were updated in 2013 to include Private Construction Projects ranging from Extensions, New Builds and Major renovation or refurbishment works as well as Commercial Projects that have been Notifiable and subject to regulations since 1995.

While this has been a great move for highlighting the need to improve Safety, Health and Welfare on these Private Projects, there is still a lot of confusion out there among the traditional "Small Contractors" who would have carried out the typical construction responsibilities but are now finding themselves having to get to grip with "all this paperwork" and knowing what exactly they must do to carry out the role of PSCS to the best of their ability.

Clients are now asking the "small contractor" to accept in writing the role of PSCS and to show how they are "qualified" to carry out the role.

I always tell any Contractor who contacts me, that the Training Course is only one piece of the jigsaw that increases their competency to carry out the role.

Skills, Knowledge, Awareness, Training and Experience = Competency

Our Online PSCS Training Course is designed and developed to provide Learners with an in-depth understanding of the Role of PSCS, the Legislative requirements of the role, the Codes of Practice that are applicable and the Duties that must be carried out as part of the role itself.

If God Forbid an accident should occur during the Project and an investigation ensues via the Insurance Company and/or the HSA (Health and Safety Authority), training records will be looked at, but the other pieces as listed in the equation above will also be examined.

If you would like to discuss enrolling on our course, please contact us today.

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