What is Manual Handling Training?

Manual Handling Training is training given on the safe handling of loads that pose a risk of injury.

Definition of Manual Handling

Manual Handling is defined as follows:

- Lifting a Load

- Carrying a Load

- Pushing/Pulling a Load

- Supporting a Load

- Putting down a Load

Where there is a risk of Injury

How long does the training take and what does it cover?

Manual Handing Training takes up to 3 Hours in total. It consists of a PowerPoint Presentation on the theory of Manual Handling, the Legislation, how you can injure your back, how to prevent injuries and the Safe Handling Techniques.

There is an assessment to check the Learners' understanding of the material covered in this Section.

The second part of the course is the Practical element of Manual Handling. The Safe Handling techniques are demonstrated, then the Learners' practice them and are assessed.

Do I get a Certificate?

A Certificate is issued to those who successfully complete the course in full.

When does the Training expire?

The Health and Safety Authority recommends that "Refresher training will be at intervals not more than every three years and when there is any major change in the work involved or equipment used or when an employee is transferred to another activity requiring different loads to be handled."

How can I book a Course?

We normally deliver Manual Handling Training In-House to a group of Employees in a Company. The training is tailored specifically to the loads that they are handling as part of their day to day work.

Contact us today to book a course and/or find out how we can help you with your Manual Handling Training, Manual Handling risk assessments and any other queries you may have.

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