Safety Statement Review

When must a Safety Statement Review be carried out?

The Health and Safety Authority advises that the document should be reviewed on an annual basis as a minimum.

We advise that the Safety Statement also needs to be amended as and when the following situations occur:

- Significant change in the scope of works and/or services carried out by the Company

- Change in the Management Structure of the Company

- New plant/machinery/tools and/or systems of work are introduced into the Company

- An Accident/Near Miss/Dangerous Occurrence happens within the Company and changes are needed to the Company Policies, Procedures, Risk Assessments and Emergency Procedures in order to prevent a re-occurrence.

- An Internal and/or External Audit has highlighted necessary changes to the Safety Statement.

- Changes in the Health and Safety Legislation applicable to the Company have arisen.

Safety Wise Advice Services can assist you in reviewing and identifying necessary changes to your Safety Statement.

Contact us today for advise on helping to keep your Business in Business by effectively managing your Safety Management System.

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