The Key Message for Everyone at the moment is this - Stay Safe!

New restrictions were announced by the Irish Government on Friday evening. This has resulted in more Workplaces temporarily closing and/or, an increase in workers working from home.

Either way, it is vital for Employers to communicate clearly with their Employees on how they are managing Safety, Health and Welfare of the Company and what the duties of the Employees are during this time (whether it is in the physical workplace or at Home).

Some "essential services" will continue to operate normally, albeit with additional control measures such as physical distancing (2 metre gap between persons).

Existing Control measures such as Hand washing should continue to apply as always, in the workplace.

Shaking of hands can no longer take place and guidance has been given by the Department of Health on what to do if you need to sneeze or cough when in public or in the vicinity of others.

Human Resources Departments and/or Managers may have to revise their Codes of Conduct in light of the upsurge in persons deliberately coughing into other persons faces and saying that they have the Covid Virus.

Stress levels most definitely have been increased during this pandemic. It is advisable for Employers to review their Work Related Stress Policy. This is most particular to workers who remain working in public places and interacting with the public e.g. supermarkets, postal workers, delivery personnel etc.

Lastly, it is important to only follow information from respected Governing Bodies

e.g. The Irish Government

The Health and Safety Authority

If you feel that we can be of any assistance to you during this time, please do not hesitate to contact us.