Do you need guidance on how to implement safe working procedures against the Coronavirus-Covid 19 virus?

Here are some practical steps that you can take:

  1. Visit this link at the Department of Health website to download the "Return to Work Safety Protocol" document.
  2. Contact your own Industry Specific membership body e.g. CIF, Failte Ireland, the Small Firms Association etc or visit their website for information specific to your business on how to reopen.
  3. Visit the HSA website at this link for additional advice and guidance on dealing with the virus in the workplace.
  4. Gather all of the information and facts together.
  5. Decide what is possible for your business, can all of the control measures required be implemented?
  6. Prepare a Covid 19 Policy, prepare a written account of the procedures that your business will implement in order to avoid the spread of the virus, and what measures will be taken should a person become infected and/or display symptoms.
  7. Communicate this Policy to all of the persons who are affected by your workplace activities e.g. Employees, members of the public, customers, subcontractors, delivery personnel, visitors etc
  8. Display your Covid 19 Policy in a prominenet place.
  9. Display Information posters on guidelines and/or rules that must be obeyed in relation to the virus whilst on your company premises or while working on behalf of your company.
  10. Revisit your HR Procedures. They may need updating on the new rules in the workplace regarding the Covid 19 virus.
  11. Keep up to date on a daily basis with any new restrictions/information/guidelines issued by the Department of Health.